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Downtown Mafia wiki is a collection of collaborative data for Downtown Mafia : Gang Wars by DynamicNext Games. It is available on Facebook, Chrome, Android, and Apple IOS.

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You are back in your old hood and your old flame Jane tells you about the new gangs running the turf. Marco, your oldest friend, who owns the biggest gun shop in town offers you powerful weapons, cars, and ammunition to fight the local gangs. Big Jim, a former mafia kingpin and your godfather offers you his guidance and special deals to help you build your own mafia gang and take over the hood.

You have to do various Missions' in the town and Fight with other Mobsters to gain more Cash and experience (XP). Using the cash you earned, buy more Weapons, Vehicles & Armours which should make you more powerful and help you win more fights. You can also buy local Business, which will give you hourly income and improve your cash flow.

To succeed in Crime you can add your friends as Mobs and they will fight with you in your Missions and Fights. Once you are ready, you can fight the other mafia Bosses to claim their hood and win powerful inventory. Special assignments, help you improve many aspects of your gameplay and help you gain permanent boosts. You can use the Bank to keep the Cash safe and earn interest. Training will help sharpen your skill set and gain that extra advantage over your enemies in close fights. Whenever you are hurt, Hospital is the place where you can revive your health in a jiffy. Casino helps you to calm down and occasionally wins you some big dough.

When you are ready, join a Gang or create your own to enter a whole new world of Gang Wars which lets you team up with other players and engage in real-time wars with rival gangs. If your gang is powerful enough, you can take over Turfs, Operations to collect payouts, take part in exciting multi-gang Death Match, fight powerful Boss Gangs, HitNRun other gangs etc.

If your gang has enough reputation, you can promote it to a Cartel and let other gangs join under your command.

Still wants more? take part in the Tournaments, were every player, gang and cartel go head-on with each other every week... the fun is just endless!

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